Specifications SH50 (IT, SP, E, B, PO, G, NL, F types)

Engine Air-cooled 2-stroke single

Bore ´ Stroke 39 ´ 41.4mm

Displacement 49cm3

Compression Ratio 7 : 1

Carburettor 14mm piston-valve type

Max. Power Output IT-type 1.99PS/6,250rpm (95/1/EC) (1.46kW/6,250min-1)

SP-type 5.2PS/6,750rpm (ECE) (3.8kW/6,750min-1)

E-type 4.9PS/7,000rpm (DIN) (3.6kW/7,000min-1)

B, PO-types 5.2PS/6,750rpm (DIN) (3.8kW/6,750min-1)

G-type 3.4PS/6,500rpm (DIN) (2.5kW/6,500min-1)

NL-type 1.8PS/5,750rpm (ISO) (1.3kW/5,750min-1)

F-type 4.5PS/6,000rpm (ISO) (3.3kW/6,000min-1)

Max. Torque IT-type 0.26kg-m/4,500rpm (95/1/EC) (2.5Nm/4,500min-1)

SP-type 0.54kg-m/6,500rpm (ECE) (5.3Nm/6,500min-1)

E-type 0.52kg-m/6,750rpm (DIN) (5.1Nm/6,750min-1)

B, PO-types 0.55kg-m/6,500rpm (DIN) (5.4Nm/6,500min-1)

G-type 0.39kg-m/6,000rpm (DIN) (3.8Nm/6,000min-1)

NL-type 0.29kg-m/4,000rpm (ISO) (2.8Nm/4,000min-1)

F-type 0.53kg-m/6,000rpm (ISO) (5.2Nm/6,000min-1)

Ignition Digital transistorised with electronic advance

Starter Electric/Primary kick

Transmission V-Matic

Dimensions (L´W´H) 1,867 ´ 698 ´ 1,091mm

Wheelbase 1,267mm

Seat Height 763mm

Ground Clearance 121mm

Fuel Capacity 6.3 litres

Wheels Front 16 ´ MT1.60 cast aluminium alloy

Rear 16 ´ MT1.85 cast aluminium alloy

Tyres Front 2.50–16

Rear 2.75–16

Suspension Front 31mm hydraulic telescopic fork, 71mm axle travel

Rear Unit swing arm, 67mm axle travel

Brakes Front 220mm hydraulic disc with dual-piston calliper and resin mould pads

Rear 110mm leading/trailing drum

Dry Weight IT-type 84kg

PO-type 81.9kg

B, E, F, SP, NL types 82.9kg

G-type 83.3kg

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